Top 5 Video Games (2019)

Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice

These are in no particular order but my first top 5 game is Sekiro. I love From Software, after all, they made Bloodborne which is probably my favourite game this generation and I also really enjoyed Dark Souls 3. I found this game incredibly challenging, even considering my past history with the Souls games but it was massively fun anyway. It had a story I could understand (to this day, despite many playthroughs, I have no idea what happens in Bloodborne) and the gameplay was definitely a new dimension for this type of game. I think those changes massively helped in terms of this feeling like something fresh (and different to Nioh especially).

Code Vein

Well, it’s not that dissimilar from Sekiro but Code Vein is right up there this year. I love anime and I love these types of games. I’ve been excited for Code Vein for a while and it didn’t disappoint. It’s not really going to win any awards as it wasn’t anything hugely special but it was enough to keep me entertained and essentially all I want from this type of game. The story was good, the combat was slick, it has a unique take on skills/class system and was enjoyable/easy to play in co-op!

[Full review here]

Battle royale games were a plenty in 2019 but I don’t think any of them are as refined or fun as Apex is. I wrote that the gunplay was like Titanfall (which is amazing), the ping system has to be one of the best things I’ve ever seen in a game (which seems crazy for how simple it is) and the smoothness of the gameplay is amazing too. Granted, I don’t play it much anymore, I still can’t commend it enough on how fun it has been and how it has set the standard for the genre it competes in (it is so much better than PUBG, in my opinion…of course).

Resident Evil 2

This game was amazing in 1998 and they have outdone themselves with this remake/remaster. It’s weird how much you remember about the original game despite it being 21 years ago but that’s exactly what happened with this. I loved everything about it, the gameplay was fantastic and has a crispness that the originals never had which made it far more playable. They didn’t change much in terms of what Resi is/should be either which I enjoyed, though don’t get me wrong I loved Resident Evil 5, this just felt more traditional and exactly what the franchise was famous for. Now we wait patiently for Resietn Evil 3 Remake 🙂

Star Wars – Fallen Order

Respawn are here with a second game of my top 5! Star Wars was a really solid game and though I didn’t think it was better than the Force Unleashed, I still thought it was really good. The lightsaber gameplay was really good, the storyline was good and overall, I enjoyed this type of free roam Star Wars game. I do think the next one should be bigger and possibly push the boat out in terms of a ‘what if’ kind of story. I would like to see more of the original characters from the films or even an adaptation of one of the books. There was a few gripes I had with this game but nothing major to the point where I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it!

A final thought…

I said last year that I hoped 2019 would go out with a bang and I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was a pretty awful year when you look across IGN/Kotaku etc in terms of what the nominations were for some of the GOTY categories and I can only assume it’s because devs are fully focused on next gen hardware and releasing something big for the launch. I did enjoy the games I picked above but I didn’t really have much to choose from. Let’s see what 2020 brings, I’m half expecting more of the same because of the new consoles coming.

Game of the Year – Code Vein

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