Avengers Endgame


Holy crap, I don’t think I’ll ever have as much trouble writing a review as I am now. We made it. The Endgame is here and now and those of you who have been there since the beginning are probably still in awe. This review is spoiler free because it’s still so fresh that I wouldn’t particularly want to give anything away.

This intro is going to be short and sweet though, you know this is the culmination of everything we’ve been waiting for since Iron Man 1. You’ll have hopefully seen the dire situation Infinity War left us in and you’ll know by the trailers that everything is on the line in this one.

Initial Reaction

When I first saw Infinity War, my gut feeling was how ballsy the ending was. We knew it was a 2 parter, yes, but by the end I was still like “How they hell could they leave us like that?!” I wasn’t able to comprehend that, for the first time, we were left with a cliff hanger and all these theories about what would happen and what could happen were so off the mark.

Endgame is not too dissimilar. The only difference for me is that it definitely is a closing of the loop and not a case of the loop is still going, but obviously that was down to IW being a 2 part film. The one similarity the two things have is that no amount of predictions, theories or logic will prepare you for how the film pans out. It’s mental, it’s ambitious and most of all it’s scattered – but in a good way.

It pulls off everything it tries and takes you on a journey you’ve already kinda seen but not from the point of view it tells it from. You see our heroes go through a lot of lows and you would think they’re at their worst after IW. The positives and negatives part is a little hard to do without spoiling it, but I’ll do my best…


Captain America is everything I wanted him to be in this movie and more. Throughout my journey as a Marvel fan, Cap was always the leader of the Avengers, but despite his status in the MCU – he just didn’t feel like that. This all changed in Endgame! He became the symbol of humanities strength, courage and unwavering bravery in the face of adversity. He’s the one who will do everything it takes to protect those he has and those he’s lost and Chris Evans delivered in spades for this movie. Definitely America’s ass.

Thanos is another character I feel like we really saw the best of. In Infinity War, it’s really hard to judge how strong he is because he has the gauntlet. In this we get to see a Thanos without the gauntlet, the Thanos that everyone feared before we kinda see him in action. He is truly awesome and in terms of his strength, he was exactly what I wanted. He kicks all kinds of ass.

The final hour is something else I want to bring up in my positives but I’m not gonna say much more. It all just hits the fan and ties everything up in an incredibly satisfying way. Part of the journey is the end and the end concludes this 10 year arc with everything you’d want from it. Emotion, fight scenes and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for having this amazing experience. No (infinity) stone is left unturned and the ensemble cast delivers.


It’s weird to think of anything that I didn’t like about the film. There’s a few things in it that you don’t see or hear about that raised a few questions for me. The only way I’ll see them is by any deleted scenes or another hour of film so I guess you kinda just have to not want EVERY single detail.


Every potential theory I had for this film went out of the window. There were things in it I didn’t expect to see and those bits alone made me incredibly happy. I finally got the Captain America I wanted and he is worth every star I’ve given this film. There’s lots of nods to the comics for die hard fans and a lot of exciting potential going forward. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

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