Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

SPOILER FREE (any spoilers will be hidden)


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse marks a new idea by Sony Pictures to branch into the animated side of the Marvel Universe. Not only did they opt to go animated, they chose Miles Morales to take centre stage and used the ‘Spider-Verse’ comic to base the story off. I’m not really going to go into the details of the comic, as the film is loosely based off it, but the premise itself is the same; Spider people from multiple dimensions come together to tackle an evil force.

I’ll give them a lot of credit for taking the animated route because it’s a market dominated largely by Disney Pixar and Dreamworks. The fact they went with a lesser known Spider-Man in Miles Morales too makes it a riskier move with the casual audience. The one plus side of that is that it makes those bigger Marvel fans more inclined to give the movie a chance (based on the fact that Sony has spewed out a lot of Spider-Man movies and haven’t got the best track record).

Initial Reaction

So when I first saw the trailer I was in awe of the animation. Even when it comes to anime, I’m really pick on the type of animation I like, so it was very important that it looked good. I love Marvel and I love Spider-Man, but bad animation could put me off both of them, hence why I don’t watch the new Avengers cartoon and preferred Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

I was excited they were going to tell another Spider-Man’s story, not only because we’ve seen Peter Parker enough, but because this would open up an avenue on the big screen for Miles, Ben, Gwen etc. I like the fact they chose the Spider-Verse comic to adapt too, it allowed them to test the water with some other characters and give them a soft introduction to the casual audience.

The movie itself was fantastic! It was funny, entertaining, unique, visuals were amazing, soundtrack was amazing and it made fun of the dance in Spider-Man 3! Everything I wanted from this, I got and that is what separates a good movie from a great movie. I had high expectations, I wanted this to deliver, I knew what success for this film would bring.


Miles Morales! The voice actor did an incredible job for Miles and it was a big help in making you resonate with Miles and put yourself in his shoes. You don’t necessarily have to want or care for that connection, but for kids especially, this is what happens. They want to be Spider-Man and animated films do a good job of teaching them right/wrong, good/evil and steer them towards who they want to be. I’m 27, so I know I can’t be Spider-Man…just about, but I like having a character I can try to relate to. It makes me more invested in the story.

The end credits scenes were epic, the 2 of them had 2 very important things I wanted from the movie. (No spoilers of course) They both had something to them, where I was sitting there thinking “if we don’t see this, I’m so confused as to why”. Luckily for me, I got both of them! One of them is a bit more story-ish, or at least I hope, and the other one is just plain funny. I enjoyed them both, I wanted them both and I said to my girlfriend after the film that those 2 scenes were all I wanted.

They’ve already planned more!!! Okay, this isn’t a positive for this specific film, but because of how well it’s been reviewed, critiqued and how much money it has made, we are getting a spin-off and a sequel. Great news 🙂


I’m nitpicking a little for the negatives but here goes…

The villain story was a little eh for me. I would have liked to see more traditional villains take a bit more of a prominent role. The problem is, and I’m kinda playing devil’s advocate against myself, there’s a few spider people to tell the story of and this is the start of something much bigger. It’s not a huge negative, but I just would have liked to see a few of the villains a bit more fleshed out.

Again, nitpicky, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the main Spider-Man’s (Spider-Verse one) voice. It just didn’t sound like Peter Parker, I don’t know what specifically I didn’t like, but I thought Chris Pine did a better job. This wasn’t a big problem, I just would have reversed the voice actors and had Pine be the voice of the main Spider-Man.


Into the Spider-Verse was absolutely delightful from start to finish. The trailers hooked me, the film delivered and I’m very happy the good response this movie has gotten. It’s well deserved when it’s taken a bit of Spidey’s comics, fantastic animation, well written story and mashed them all together to create something so good. I’m always nervous when sequels and spin-offs are announced before the actual film comes out, but it’d be a disservice for this film not to branch out. There are so many stories to tell, so many Spider people to see and if the quality follows what we’ve had so far, I’ll be a very pleased fan!

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